God of all that was created

Children’s Hymn, cf. Genesis 1

Tune: Stenka Rasin

At the dawning of each new day,
When the sun spreads o’er the skies
Open our minds to the beauty
That in all creation lies.

To explore out in the garden,
As a spider her web weaves,
You care for each tiny creature,
As it hides among the leaves.

May we know it’s You at nightfall,
As the owls awake from sleep,
Who upholds the stars and planets,
That they may their orbits keep.

And may we throughout our daytime
In each person, see Your face,
Look on them as fellow creatures,
Share with them Your loving grace.

God of all that was created,
From the darkness, brought to light,
Renew the light glowing within us,
That we, with Your love, burn bright.



Feel free to use in worship services, attributed, (c) shades of sky, 2014



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