Closer Than Breath

I saw You, You know:
Caught a glimpse of Your skirts
as you swept past.
I felt Your warm breath on my back.
Closer than breath, You are.

Then, You were gone.

I long for You to come back,
To feel You there again.

I want You to reach out Your arms,
as You have before –
For me – rather than turning away in shame –
To reach back:
To run my fingers through Your hair,
To wrap my arms around You,
draw You close, and kiss You.

You would kiss me in return,
Place Your hands on my breasts
And feel my quickening heart.
I wouldn’t run away, burning crimson.
I’d laugh, and sing and sigh in joy;
Passionate, alive, and Yours.

I long to be Your lover;
To be the beloved.
I want to be honest, and naked to You,
To share all that I am.

I want to lie down with You,
Mingled sweat and mingled tears;
Mingled souls.

I long to be open to Your touch.
To come out of hiding,
Be who I am.

I desire to be me, in You.


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