Look Me In The Eyes

This image forms a campaign by a Belgian disability organization. Underneath the image is written the words ‘Regardez moi dans les yeux. J’ai dit: les yeux’. For those who are not francophone: ‘Look me in the eyes. I said: the eyes’.

Most people of course will glance at her eyes before their own eyes wander to her left arm.

At a recent conference everyone was looking at me. Looking twice I mean. Or staring. I was walking weird because I was uptight and nervous about an upcoming presentation. And my arm was out at right angles. But it was like no one there  had ever seen anyone with a stroke before.

By the time it got to my talk, I felt like starting it with the slogan of this advert. Maybe people don’t realize I can tell where their eyes are when they’re on me. I can. And I can feel people staring, too. It makes  me feel self-conscious, so I’d really rather they didn’t.


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