Psalm for those with a Mental Illness

When the world convinces you
It is purely your choice, feeling the way you do;
That mind can overpower mood,
If only you willed it so –

When you are wracked with pain,
That has no physical focus;
Or assaulted by thoughts and emotions
That choke the words you try to speak –

When there is no peace:

When people whisper, and look sideways at you;
Or when you watch gossip snake its way
Around your friends;
Or -around those you used to call friends.

When you see fear in people’s eyes –
And the loneliness surrounding you comes,
Not just from the chiding voices within,
But from the awkward silence without –

Then, come.

Come, and take refuge under My Wings.
In My Feathers, find courage, and comfort for your hurt.
Let me tend to your fragility, wipe away your tears,
And soothe your shaken soul.

Take your time.

Know that you are wanted
And you are loved.
You are welcome, welcome, welcome,
To Me.


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