Just as last time:

When our lips met, and you drew me close,
in intimate embrace;
Your tongue caressed my name,
And I was yours.

We were both lovers and the beloved.

Holding each others’ tender gaze
Your hands swept over me, and through me;
My back rose and fell to your touch,
As you teased, and stroked and provoked.

Then, barely breathing,
And wet with pleasure and joy,
My mind surrendered.
I was emptying myself to you.

I lay with body and mind wide open,
Inviting you in.
You came closer still.

And I was torn apart
With the pain of penetration,
Flesh within flesh.

Just as often times:

I curled up, and sobbed, as you held me tight.
My body betrayed my senses,
Denied my desire.

And I didn’t understand,
And I didn’t understand.




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