Let It Be

I kneel down,
Head bowed, hands clasped;
Emptied, and waiting for You.

You speak my name,
And I look up.
Smiling into my eyes;
Your silence tells me I am loved.

You hold out the Cup of Life.

This cup,
which I do not have to take,
Offers a new journey –
Mental illness.

I am quaking now.
Do You really mean this, Jesus?
This cup is mine to drink?

You look on me.
I can see no expectation,
No disillusion on Your face.
Only Your Love.

I have drunk from Your cup before.
I found that Your Way is hard.
Yet, You walked with me then,
Brought me safe through the shadows.

Because of You, I am here.
And I want to walk
according to Your will.

I dare to put my trust in You.

Trembling, I reach out my hand-
Accepting Your gift:

Let it be unto me.



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