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Fury, me.

Ten yo: Mummy, why is that lady walking like that? Mummy: She’s drunk. Stupid spastic Oi! Are you drunk? Spastic Spastic! SPASTIC! The voices encircle me. Up the road, on the road that I live on, in town, on my … Continue reading

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And, how does that make you feel? Inside my head, my eyebrows raise, incredulously. Outside my head, I know the costs of giving a satirical answer. The person asking the question met me for the first time, five minutes ago. … Continue reading

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Out of My Mind

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that whenever one area of your life starts to go well, another will fall spectacularly apart. The Edge of Reason, Helen Fielding I am stunned. Stopped in my tracks and unsure of myself. As … Continue reading

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Treading water

Can you step into the same river twice? It doesn’t feel like there is any solid ground underneath my feet anymore. Like I am desperately trying to step down to find it, but finding that it isn’t there, and that … Continue reading

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Beneath the smile

S —- is leading the charge again with the media this week. Well done, S —-! I cringe. Following the media interest last week, ‘phone calls and email, the Times Education Supplement and BBC News sites published pieces on my … Continue reading

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Not a Whisper

Silence. That’s what there is now. Not the pretentious silence of poetry, claiming the poet’s silence before a string of babbling. That is not what is around me. What is around me is – silence. Silence because no one will come … Continue reading

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