One World One Beat

Below are the words to a worship song that I wrote for members of the Guiding and Scouting family, to help them to think about how, with God’s help, they can change things for the better:

You can hear the music (arranged by my partner, no less) here:

In this world of ours today
There’s much we’d like to change:
There’s greediness and poverty,
And inequality –
There’s fear brought by cruel wars,
Injustice and despair:
We need to join together [join hands for chorus]
To show the world we care.

We must work together,
With joy and trust in You,
To feed Your hungry people,
To help them trust You, too
Let’s encourage each other;
For all these things we pray –
Help us to make a difference,
Starting from today.

Yes, we can change this world of ours
To make things far more fair,
To look after Your people-
This is our prayer:
For hope and courage, kindness, too
To share with those we meet:
For peace, and for freedom,
One world, dancing to Your beat.


(c) shades of sky, 2010


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