Psalm for the Pre-Judged

When the world’s words wound you
deep in your soul,
And hard stares pierce
a fragile heart;
When you are looked down upon,
Beaten, or betrayed,

Come, draw near to Me.

Find my words written on your heart,
and know that you are loved without bounds,
beyond reason,
and beyond measure

Cling fast to Me.

Come, and in holding fast,
Know that no matter what
earthly voices claim,
You are made and kept by Me.

Come, and in drawing close
know that My Assurance
Is far broader than your fears,
Far stronger than your frailty.

Come, and into your vulnerability –
Into the heart that is breaking,
the spirit that is aching,
Let Me pour my soothing psalmody .

Lean on Me.

Above all,
Remember that
I have called you by name.

Whisper your name.
I Am
And  you are Mine.



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