Growing God

From the beginning,
You grew with me.

You were there, when I took my first steps,
As I shuffled my way in the sand. Crash-landed.
Hoisted me up, spurred me on.

You were there when I first went to school,
As I formed the letters, and wrote Your name.
Sharpened my pencils, smiled at my effort.

You were there with me on the playground,
As I couldn’t run fast enough,
Soothed my smarting knees, bandaged bruised feelings.

You were there, standing on the street corner,
As I waited for friends who never showed up.                                                                  Whispered it was OK, You were my friend.

You were there in my despair at university
When the tension and work overwhelmed me,
Whispered Your peace, helped me to sleep.

You are there day by day,
As I struggle, or celebrate, or let myself down.
Whispering courage, catching my fall.

You were there, growing with me,
You were there, growing on me.
You were there growing to me.

Please, be there growing,

8th January, 2014, Stanton House, Oxfordshire


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