Psalm for the Desk Ridden

When all you have done today;
All that brought you earthly praise,
is fading into insignificance
with the dying light of evening.

When, still at your desk,
under midnight oil,
Your head is burning, flickering, fading,
Your eyes closing.

When your mind, care-worn
with a thousand things of the day,
seems to have eclipsed mid-thought,
Far from your control –

When thoughts make sense no more:

Leave your work, and go to Him.

Let Him soothe your furrowed brow,
ease the burden on your shoulders,
with His yoke.

Let Him take your wrung-out hands
in His cool and gentle palm,
Steady and smooth your path home.

Let His youthfulness
pour into you,
and love you into wholeness.


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  1. Timothy says:



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