One Hundred Happy Things

August, 12, 2014

So, following the trend to use social media to write about happy things for 100 days, this is my alternative.

I’m not going to try and find something happy every day – because I’d just end up beating myself up when I don’t manage it –  or disingenuously reporting as happy something that wasn’t really, for the sake of it.

Instead, I am going to aim to report 100 things that made me feel genuinely happy, if only for an instant.

  1. An email from a friend I met at Taize, with a lovely message, and a photo’ of her upside down (possibly mid-back-flip) on her sofa.
  2. My tweet to Vicky Beeching got favourited by her.
  3. Hugs from, and time spent with, R. and her family.
  4. Devising quips with an Elder whilst watching the General Moderator of the URC feeding sheep and then goats on a church trip to a farm.
  5. Conversation and singing in the car with J. and his family.
  6. Baking biscuits: still being able to crack an egg, leaving the yolk whole, with one hand
  7. Bubble baths.
  8. Being given this cross by a smiling nine year-old, as she emerged from junior church, after a particularly hard Sunday morning.image
  9. We saw ‘girafficles’ at Artis Zoo
  10. Prof. K. at a conference: ‘That’s actually a very good question.’
  11. Reconstructing photos of Anne Frank as a child, with a friend in Amsterdam.
  12. “That was a wonderful theme introduction. Thank you.” and “I loved the theme introduction.” And more.
  13. Being invited to speak at a UK university seminar.
  14. Swings in the park
  15. Teacups with saucers and Jeanette Winterson’s books at book group.
  16. Deer in the grounds of a place where there was a work meeting
  17. Gorgeous and engaged and downright lovely classes to work with in a CE school. Well received workshops on friendship.
  18. Having someone else wash my hair at the hair dressers’ .
  19. Conkers in silky chestnut shells.
  20. Taizé services.
  21. This email: Thank you for running the [friendship] sessions today; I had a chat with [teacher] and then sat with a group of the boys from the class over lunch and all that they said confirmed that you had focussed it just exactly right and, more importantly, that they had got the message loud and clear (especially about things they might say as a ‘joke’ not necessarily being heard as that and, instead, being hurtful). It was excellent, really though provoking for the children and so well timed for us with the issues we have had in that class, thank you.
  22. Being surprised by a gorgeous card via snail mail from L.
  23. This message from a student: photo (24)
  24. Nicola Slee’s theological poetry.
  25. Crochet blanket project: completed: image
  26. Planning Bible book-bags via Twitter with a minister in Durham.
  27.  Text message from a friend to say she thinks of me every time she passes the street where I used to live.
  28. Chaplaincy quiet room plus beanbag plus tea plus prayer = time with God.
  29. Feeling able to be honest with someone. And them not running away.
  30. Orange shred marmalade.
  31. A three year-old dressed as a fireman on the bus.
  32. Horses that are interested in me.
  33. Shorthampton Chapel
  34. Finishing a draft of an undergraduate book chapter.
  35. A hug from my former supervisor after I tell him why progress has been slow.
  36. Stroking a tabby cat by a real living room fireplace, replete with fire.
  37. This message: Thank you so much for telling me this. I feel a bit bad telling you your blog is beautiful when it arises out of such great suffering.But it is. Exquisitely and beautifully written. It’s actually a very inspiring record of your spiritual journey.
  38. The 5 year-olds in one of my friendship workshop who looked out of the window to check on whether Zorba the alien was arriving in her spaceship.
  39. The classroom game wherein a 5 year-old, with his jumper on back-to-front, didn’t realize he was wearing the school logo (or that his jumper was on back-to-front).
  40. The 5 year-old who told me in no uncertain terms that I was mis-pronouncing “antennae”.
  41. That time the chaplain boldly proclaimed “Nothing endures forever!” ….and then realized what this implies…..
  42. The parcel within a parcel within a package given to me for my birthday.
  43. Birthday candles with cardboard flames because we couldn’t make fire in the cafe.
  44. The plant a friend gave me in March flowered again (even if it is trying to escape the flat).IMG_1874
  45. Getting this in the post, after a loooong day: IMG_1881
  46. There is a new Lauren Child book out, about little people, for little people – and I have a copy. IMG_1882
  47. Having all children, from the eight to the  fourteen year-old, utterly engaged in a debate about the best way to divide eight pens between two schools of 100 pupils, when one school is resource rich, and the other is resource poor, in a junior church lesson on justice.
  48. This, randomly appearing in my Psychology lecturers’ office over the weekend, during Advent. image
  49. My Yorkshire moors granny square shawl with shell pinphoto (25)
  50. Being on the bus, being driven through deep rainy puddles.
  51. Blue sky December mornings.
  52. An email of thanks for my help and support with writing skills over the semester,  from a student, accompanied by a hilarious poem, which he was spurred to write because of my help.
  53. Feedback from a student that my “attempts to foster a real sense of community in the department are appreciated”.
  54. Having the swimming pool all to myself for half an hour on Saturday afternoon.
  55. Very muddy walks with stiles
  56. Peshwari naan
  57. Open log fires on chilly evenings.
  58. Children’s moments.
  59. Celidh dancing.
  60. Swans.
  61. These tweets, from the Dean, about an initiative I rolled out across the Faculty:photo 2  photo 1
  62. A gorgeous thank-you present from a student.
  63. Paw-prints in the snow:pawprintsnow
  64. This message from a tutee: Thank you so much for looking after me so well during my studies. I felt really well supported and guided by you.
  65. Eyes closed, the wind in my hair.
  66. The child in a workshop who told me “I don’t have a question, but I really like your hair[style]”.
  67. My undergraduate student who told me she couldn’t possibly, then collected data in a school on her own.
  68. Time to Rhyme poetry readings.
  69. The poem ‘We were making fairy tales’ by Dan Holloway.
  70. A place for a week in Taize, 2015.
  71. (As yet) un-popped bubble wrap.
  72. A student asked me where she could buy an NIV bible (she knows I am Christian 🙂 )
  73. Brookes’ Science bazaar (bc his favourite thing was mirror writing and I set that up): 
  74. Job interview in April.
  75. Cardamon shortbread at the Restore cafe.
  76. This piece of student feedback: Sxxx was really enthusiastic and helpful and approachable
  77. The student who came back to see me, to say “hello”.
  78. One of my junior church mentioning me in intercessory prayer. (thank you for our leaders).
  79. Sunset on the church (1)
  80. This response: Q) What are the best things about the module? A) S___! S___ is a fantastic lecturer! She makes the topic fun and makes sure everything is very well explained. She also is very fast at replying to emails so you won’t be left confused or panicking about your essay for very long. I am not sure about the other seminar leaders but S___ made the structure of both the taught lessons and the essay very clear.
  81. Seeing Ian Hislop on a FGW train in standard class.
  82. Irises (?) with raindrops on (5)
  83. This video: 
  84. Getting research project data from schools.
  85. The rose I got for my centenary concert performance:photo (9)
  86. A three year-old “spiderman” having a shoulder ride and rendering his father blind to the world in the process #eyescovered
  87. Sparkling crochet (7)
  88. What I did on holiday and Pride  films.
  89. Pretty, foreign (8)
  90. Recipes for making a good friend:recipe1a
  91. This email: Well, I’m sure we haven’t got any copies secreted here (though copies of ‘What does the Lord require of you’ make their way eastwards with annoying regularity).
  92. The London sky line and its lions:
  93. Making Granny square stripes:IMG_2439
  94. Spiced lattes
  95. Victoria sponge
  96. Navigating the tube across London.
  97. This plaster cine model of the stormed boat from Mark’s gospel:boat
  98. Cake on the house at my favourite independent cafe in Ox. (courtesy of a third year student, and at the amazement of my companions)
  99. New dress (and great company shopping for it):dress
  100. Completing this list.

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