Shades of Sky

If I could see beyond the grey,
Behind the bleakness of the day;
Above the rain and dark and gloom,
The place where blackened storm-clouds loom-

Then I might glimpse a lighter day,
A place where golden sunlit rays
Turn grey clouds silver as they pass
And fade the misery of rain-streaked glass.

And then, if I looked harder still,
And fought to see it all, until –
I could see over grey and white,
My eyes would catch the most lovely sight.

The sight of the deepest jewel blue,
The shade which hope and dreams shine through;
A trace of heaven in dreary sky;
The height at which despair doth die.

It’s always there above the gloom,
Though it’s sometimes easier to assume
I’ll never see it ever again,
It’s waiting there beyond the rain.

Copyright owned by NSHN

May 2006


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