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I’ve had a really good week. On Monday, I submitted a paper at the eleventh hour of it being due, to a journal. I learnt that my prayers have been accepted for the next denominational prayer handbook (the logic of … Continue reading

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Treading water

Can you step into the same river twice? It doesn’t feel like there is any solid ground underneath my feet anymore. Like I am desperately trying to step down to find it, but finding that it isn’t there, and that … Continue reading

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Beside myself

This has not been an easy week. The trajectory of the week before has continued its spiral, plummetting ever further downwards. The tiredness does not abate no matter how much I sleep, oversleep, rest. Voices chant incessantly at me from … Continue reading

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Return Journey

I have made the journey many times. This week, I committed to making it several times a week. The bus rolls into London, passes familiar haunts; comes within several feet of the house where I grew up. Hanger Lane. Please slow … Continue reading

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Head in Hands

Look at the image of the Prodigal Son. Imagine that the Father invites you to rest your head in His lap, as the younger son. Return to Him… Heart speaks to heart. Henri Nouwen,  Home Tonight I kneel at the … Continue reading

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The V-Word

I am at a scary time in my life at the moment. I know this, because my PhD supervisor referred to me as a “bona fide senior postgraduate” last week, and started talking about what may and may not come … Continue reading

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