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Silk inside a chestnut shell

  Autumn days, when the grass is jewelled And the silk inside a chestnut shell Jet planes meeting in the air to be refuelled All these things I love so well Estelle White The silk inside a chestnut shell. The … Continue reading

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Pathetic. And stupid and desperately disappointed. I was offered a job interview for today. Somewhere different. Somewhere I’d not be known, MH difficulties or otherwise. And I’ve turned it down. I’ve turned it down because it was a full-time job, … Continue reading

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I am nine years old. S — is standing in front of me, with J— and B— beside her. J—‘s family don’t want to buy a copy of the school class photo’. That’s my fault, because it’s not a class … Continue reading

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Parallel lines

Eleven years ago, round about now, I found out that all my PGCE applications had been rejected. Until then, people were bored of hearing my anxiety around them. Those who had seen me work with children, seen my CV, could, … Continue reading

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One word stands out above all the other words that were used last week. Common denominator. I don’t think I’d heard it since Year 5 maths, learning fractions. Work torn from me. Written out. Look, she’s copying my work, Miss. Told off. Again. … Continue reading

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