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Time for Grace

If and when a horror turns up you will then be given Grace to help you. I don’t think one is usually given it in advance. “Give us our daily bread” (not an annuity for life) applies to spiritual gifts … Continue reading

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Frenzied Chasm

Rewind 15 years. I am 18, and about to sit my final school exams. Each weekday morning, I wake at 5am. I am working late, and not sleeping well. I have panic attacks in anticipation of the post arriving; university … Continue reading

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It is barely lunchtime, and I am pathetically tired. It’s not because I didn’t sleep last night – I nearly managed eight hours’.  I would have done, had it not taken me so long to fall asleep. I got up … Continue reading

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Shipwreck in a Bottle

I come back into the room. I am staring  determinedly through the floor, and my voice is shaking. I am trembling. I speak to explain that sharing emotion is dangerous and unwanted and makes people threaten to leave, before they turn … Continue reading

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