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I hate the way you move

Since starting in the TC, I have addressed my caffeine addiction, reduced the lengths that I swim. I’ve also increased the healthfulness of my eating. I even cook for myself most days (in a world where ‘cooking’ is a loose … Continue reading

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Last Sunday night, I fall. I fall into a mire of suicide ideation and self-loathing. I have just been to visit my mother. Things appeared normal. If family life was normal, then I am bad, bad, bad, for seeking, let … Continue reading

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Personality Disorder and ICD-11: A Patient’s Reflection

This post is something of a departure from my normal, experience-based posts. Here, I want to review the new diagnostic criteria for personality disorder, as proposed by Tyrer, Reed and Crawford (2015) . The categories trouble me, for several reasons, … Continue reading

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