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Healing Steps

Be still for the power of the Lord Is moving in this place He comes to cleanse and heal To minister his grace No work too hard for him, in peace receive from him. Be still for the power of … Continue reading

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I’ve said it again. Again, I have noted that I am struggling. I hear my voice saying it, over and over in TC meetings. Struggling to understand protocol, struggling emotionally, struggling to stay in the room; ironically, struggling to speak. … Continue reading

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Disk: full

My laptop is complaining that it has too little disk space. So is my online file storage. Downloading to my external hard drive has barely helped. Each day, the warning is declared. Disk: nearly full. As for me, my disk … Continue reading

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Treading water

Can you step into the same river twice? It doesn’t feel like there is any solid ground underneath my feet anymore. Like I am desperately trying to step down to find it, but finding that it isn’t there, and that … Continue reading

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Beside myself

This has not been an easy week. The trajectory of the week before has continued its spiral, plummetting ever further downwards. The tiredness does not abate no matter how much I sleep, oversleep, rest. Voices chant incessantly at me from … Continue reading

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Frenzied Chasm

Rewind 15 years. I am 18, and about to sit my final school exams. Each weekday morning, I wake at 5am. I am working late, and not sleeping well. I have panic attacks in anticipation of the post arriving; university … Continue reading

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In the fast lane

I walk a pace: I can make it from Magdalen Street East to Queen’s Lane in under three minutes to get the coach to London in the mornings. On London days, I clear 10 000 steps, no problem. I am … Continue reading

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