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What do you want me to do for you? Luke, 18 v 41 I don’t know. It’s a familiar defence. One that I go to often in TC, when I’m too terrified to think of what the honest answer is, … Continue reading

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Voices around my head

The voice in my head is unkind. When it is not telling me I would be better dead; that I deserve to die; it is running a live commentary on how rubbish I am. I shake my head violently in … Continue reading

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I hate the way you move

Since starting in the TC, I have addressed my caffeine addiction, reduced the lengths that I swim. I’ve also increased the healthfulness of my eating. I even cook for myself most days (in a world where ‘cooking’ is a loose … Continue reading

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Laying down and lying down

A shorter and earlier post this week. One to note that I am heading for Taizé, so won’t post again for a while. To stop, and reflect on what I am taking with me, what I want to leave behind, … Continue reading

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Healing Steps

Be still for the power of the Lord Is moving in this place He comes to cleanse and heal To minister his grace No work too hard for him, in peace receive from him. Be still for the power of … Continue reading

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I’ve said it again. Again, I have noted that I am struggling. I hear my voice saying it, over and over in TC meetings. Struggling to understand protocol, struggling emotionally, struggling to stay in the room; ironically, struggling to speak. … Continue reading

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Disk: full

My laptop is complaining that it has too little disk space. So is my online file storage. Downloading to my external hard drive has barely helped. Each day, the warning is declared. Disk: nearly full. As for me, my disk … Continue reading

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