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Healing Steps

Be still for the power of the Lord Is moving in this place He comes to cleanse and heal To minister his grace No work too hard for him, in peace receive from him. Be still for the power of … Continue reading

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Between TC and work, I feel I am living almost two separate lives, one where I am learning to be vulnerable and real; one where I maintain decorum, and meet deadlines, visit schools, and support ailing students. The veil between … Continue reading

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Protected: Wild Stress

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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This week has been productive. I’ve marked umpteen reports and essays, and am on course to have them finished by tomorrow, over a week ahead of schedule. I’ve even remembered to mark the ones that were submitted late – the … Continue reading

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It is barely lunchtime, and I am pathetically tired. It’s not because I didn’t sleep last night – I nearly managed eight hours’.  I would have done, had it not taken me so long to fall asleep. I got up … Continue reading

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Living by Fear

[CONTENT WARNING: SUICIDE] I have just put down the ‘phone to the Adult Mental Health Team. My G.P. agreed to my re-referral; the AMHT must have been keeping me afloat, even if they did’t make me better. But, as yet having … Continue reading

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The Fulfilment of Being

And, Freeze! That’s what  she used to proclaim, suddenly, at us, in drama. Obediently, we would pause, statue-esque, awaiting her instruction. It’s a technique I use years later, running children’s parties. It engenders quiet. Still. Frozen in space is time … Continue reading

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