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Fury, me.

Ten yo: Mummy, why is that lady walking like that? Mummy: She’s drunk. Stupid spastic Oi! Are you drunk? Spastic Spastic! SPASTIC! The voices encircle me. Up the road, on the road that I live on, in town, on my … Continue reading

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Face to face

4th December, 1984 [Physio.] felt she should be able to use her right hand more than she does. To be more firm with her. 13th December, 1984 ….tried to get her to do something with her right hand – useless! … Continue reading

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The Fulfilment of Being

And, Freeze! That’s what  she used to proclaim, suddenly, at us, in drama. Obediently, we would pause, statue-esque, awaiting her instruction. It’s a technique I use years later, running children’s parties. It engenders quiet. Still. Frozen in space is time … Continue reading

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Pieces of Paradox

Has anyone ever prayed over your leg before?  he asks. Yes,  I say.  Yes, lots of people have. Was mostly just after I was born (my father: you should feel blessed to be able to use one arm and one leg; … Continue reading

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One Rollerskate

A few months after my tenth birthday, I was desperate  for roller skates. My parents were dubious. But they knew that the quickest way of making sure that I definitely want to do something, is to tell me I can’t do … Continue reading

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