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Sign and Promise

CW: #suicideideation New years are times I find scary. As we, as a house, lit sky lanterns and let them go into the skies, to see in the new year, I was trembling. With cold, for sure, but also fear. … Continue reading

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Playing pretend

I have spent large swathes of the past week in tears. Starting with tears of exhaustion following another stupidly early morning, and failed job interview. Tears on the bus that managed to perturb the five year-old child sat in front … Continue reading

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Laying down and lying down

A shorter and earlier post this week. One to note that I am heading for Taizé, so won’t post again for a while. To stop, and reflect on what I am taking with me, what I want to leave behind, … Continue reading

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The Fulfilment of Being

And, Freeze! That’s what  she used to proclaim, suddenly, at us, in drama. Obediently, we would pause, statue-esque, awaiting her instruction. It’s a technique I use years later, running children’s parties. It engenders quiet. Still. Frozen in space is time … Continue reading

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Going the Distance

Cocooned in duvet last night, for the first time in a long time, is liminality. Prayer. Silent tears, and sleepfulness. I have made it. I’ve done a full week at work, in a new post. I have risen before the … Continue reading

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Moving On

There is a mix of nervous laughter and clapping coming from the room next door.  The anticipation and heightened anxiety – the edge – associated with academic job talks is almost tangible from here. Job talks for a lecturer in … Continue reading

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