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Fury, me.

Ten yo: Mummy, why is that lady walking like that? Mummy: She’s drunk. Stupid spastic Oi! Are you drunk? Spastic Spastic! SPASTIC! The voices encircle me. Up the road, on the road that I live on, in town, on my … Continue reading

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I am nine years old. S — is standing in front of me, with J— and B— beside her. J—‘s family don’t want to buy a copy of the school class photo’. That’s my fault, because it’s not a class … Continue reading

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Face to face

4th December, 1984 [Physio.] felt she should be able to use her right hand more than she does. To be more firm with her. 13th December, 1984 ….tried to get her to do something with her right hand – useless! … Continue reading

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Eye of the Tiger

I’ve run through email, cleared my inbox, and scheduled the Department’s core social media output for the week. I met last week’s research goal, and feel ready to tackle the one set up for the week ahead. I feel calm. And then … Continue reading

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Disk: full

My laptop is complaining that it has too little disk space. So is my online file storage. Downloading to my external hard drive has barely helped. Each day, the warning is declared. Disk: nearly full. As for me, my disk … Continue reading

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Beside myself

This has not been an easy week. The trajectory of the week before has continued its spiral, plummetting ever further downwards. The tiredness does not abate no matter how much I sleep, oversleep, rest. Voices chant incessantly at me from … Continue reading

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In the fast lane

I walk a pace: I can make it from Magdalen Street East to Queen’s Lane in under three minutes to get the coach to London in the mornings. On London days, I clear 10 000 steps, no problem. I am … Continue reading

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