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Pathetic. And stupid and desperately disappointed. I was offered a job interview for today. Somewhere different. Somewhere I’d not be known, MH difficulties or otherwise. And I’ve turned it down. I’ve turned it down because it was a full-time job, … Continue reading

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F is for Fail

I can’t do this. Clearly. I’ve failed again this week to secure employment. The reason given for why – because I haven’t done enough publishing. But that’s because I have sent my writing to the interviewer and badgered and badgered … Continue reading

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Human doing

We are human beings not human doings. I remember Steve Chalke preaching that at Baptist Congress, 2005, although I’m not sure the original phrase is attributable to him. I’ve called it to mind,  this week, as our church meeting voted … Continue reading

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Board games are good. And there are lots of them in this house. Although I have yet to discover what Fluxx is about. Flux is a good word for the past week. Everything was in transition; my housemate, his bail, … Continue reading

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Moving On

There is a mix of nervous laughter and clapping coming from the room next door.  The anticipation and heightened anxiety – the edge – associated with academic job talks is almost tangible from here. Job talks for a lecturer in … Continue reading

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