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What do you want me to do for you? Luke, 18 v 41 I don’t know. It’s a familiar defence. One that I go to often in TC, when I’m too terrified to think of what the honest answer is, … Continue reading

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Through the looking glass

Each to each a looking glass, reflects the other that doth pass. George Herbert Mead (1903) My sense of myself depends on how I think you see me. When you stare in the street, it makes me feel ugly, unacceptable. … Continue reading

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To be and to grow

This quote, beautifully illustrated on Instagram by a friend, is one I know to be true. And yet – I can’t feel it to be so. Even though I haven’t been paid for the past few months for it, I … Continue reading

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Voices around my head

The voice in my head is unkind. When it is not telling me I would be better dead; that I deserve to die; it is running a live commentary on how rubbish I am. I shake my head violently in … Continue reading

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Secret Life on the Academic Scrapheap

Teaching with intense anxiety is not fun. Co- teaching makes it worse. Especially when I know that I am on the academic scrap heap, that my teaching skills are not good enough in the first place. I watch my co … Continue reading

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All in a name

My mother is married. Remarried. Divorced. Is she still divorced, now that she is married? I might as well ask how many wives Henry VIII actually had. It’s all semantics. But – semantics still feel like they matter. A rows … Continue reading

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