Simply Being

In 2005, I was privileged enough to be one of my then church’s delegates at the Baptist World Congress in Birmingham. One of the speakers I remember most clearly was Steve Chalke. I remember part of what he said, in particular.

holding crossThat his son came to him, while he was working, and sat down next to him. After a few moments, disconcerted by his son’s silence, Steve asked his son what he wanted from him.

‘Nothing, Dad’, his son said. ‘I just want to be with you.

Steve Chalke went on to explain how we should try to  just “be” with God, as  well as going to Him when there is something we need.

I was reminded of this, earlier this week, following a lecture. Three second year students approached me together, at the end of the lecture. They smiled. I looked at them expectantly.

‘We just wanted to say hi’, one of them said.

Amidst the silly mistakes I keep making, and the exhaustion, and the voices in my head that tell me how rubbish and pathetic I am, that act completely took me aback. I recovered myself enough to have a conversation with them. And all three have chosen to sign up to my seminar topic – memory. I want to treasure that conversation. Remember that maybe they don’t think I’m so bad at teaching as I think I am. That they wanted to say hello, and were pleased to see me again. Remembering simply to be with God in prayer wouldn’t do me any harm, either. Ironically enough, I need a better memory.

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