I hate this acronym. Every time I hear it spoken, as if it were a word in its own right, it makes me cringe. The term “best friend” makes me cringe.

She’s my best friend

My best friend lives in Australia 

We’ve been best friends for years  

bffEtc. I’ve heard it more than often in recent weeks.  These people weren’t referring to best friends – but to one other person. For me, in that there are echoes of primary school fall-outs and girls’ silliness. Ugh. Not my fall-outs, though. Not my silliness. I’ve never had a best friend – or at least not one who has also thought of me as their best friend.

The first post I ever wrote for this blog over three years ago was about best friends. I explained how I considered Jesus my best friend. Well, sorry, but I’m not content with that anymore (if I ever truly was). I want a human best friend, who reciprocates that understanding of the friendship. Dream on – fat chance.

*Best Friends Forever

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