Not Me?

I’m not acting like me these days.

Like when I ducked out of leading junior church a few weeks ago, having prepared the session, and lumbered someone else with the responsibility, because I couldn’t be bothered to raise the energy to do it. Sloth.

Or when I, not once, but twice – twice in two weeks- fail to record a work meeting in my diary, and wipe it from my mind, and am only warned about said meetings at their start time, by a passing colleague, and turn up barely on time, and unprepared. Forgetful.

When I’m neglecting to contact people whom I have been asked to get in touch with at work, and elsewhere, and send  right email to the wrong people, or the wrong email to the right people. Careless.

But it is me. I did those things, and to say it wasn’t me is ridiculous. I am being rubbish at the moment. I’m not sure I even care. I don’t think anyone has noticed I’m not being me. Maybe I just shouldn’t bother in the first place.


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