A Holy Communion

So, communion at St. Columba’s is celebrated every third Sunday. Yesterday. And it seems that I haven’t written about communion before.

Pentecost and Holy Communion at St. Columba's Photo' taken by Catrin Treharne

Pentecost and Holy Communion at St. Columba’s
Photo’ taken by Catrin Treharne

I like celebrating communion. I like it because I know that whatever state I come to it in, I will leave it feeling better; maybe calmer, or more energised, or more whole or – more broken, but complete in Christ. Maybe it’s because prayer around communion was one thing that I was directed in how to do, maybe it’s the tangibility of the act, when other acts of faith can fade like smoke after a service, or maybe some other entirely unknown reason, but during communion services I feel in touch with Jesus. I know at these times that I am in prayer and that God gives me a sense of where I truly am with Him, and meets me there. And I feel I can meet Him, and let Him help me, forgive me, move me to a better place of mind in Him.

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