A well-known Christian strap line . Not one that I’ve ever really tried to apply, although my thought patterns over the past few weeks have led me to the conclusion that to do so would be an improvement.

Have spent my free time meandering around Oxford, both with friends, and without. Everywhere I go, it feels like I’m plagued by memories of my ex-partner. Some are explicable, if I will visit paces where we went together on holiday. But it happens when I’m buying milk, and my internal model of my ex-partner comments on how weird we are as a human species for drinking it, or when I’m trying to reassure someone that it’s ok to look after themselves before they care for a frail relative and my ex’s voice echoes the same. Or when I’m at a Sunday school meeting and a parent proposes a discussion on the purpose of Sunday school, and my ex-partner pipes up about how evil it is.
That was horrible.

I can’t get him out of my head. I want to replace his thoughts with Jesus’. Please God, let me think of what your actions would be, first.

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