Mud sticks

Children’s talks have that weird and wonderful way of striking a chord, right where God most wants it struck. So Sunday – as I am church-tasting – I went to a United Reformed Church. And the children’s talk is about mud.

Technically, it was about baptism; about being needed to be washed on the inside when we do something wrong, just as when hands and faces get muddy, we need to wash them on the outside. But for me, that wasn’t the interesting point.

The thing that struck me most was about us not just getting muddy inside through what we do or say or think about others, but that we get muddy when someone hurls mud at us. It sticks to us, and we believe what they say. And when we are baptised, we can let go of all that mud too, because God sees us as His children, and in the light of Jesus’ sacrifice.

I’m (usually) fully conscious of deliberate harm I do to others. But not so conscious of how much of what others do or say stays with me, when maybe it shouldn’t. But I can work on that. Mud sticks, but it also washes off well.

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