Do bad things come in threes?

So it happened. At the start, I thought it might, but then we lulled into the security of routine, and life in a long-distance relationship, and the time that we had together was too precious not to be enjoyed, over facing the tougher questions. So things bubbled below the surface until they exploded in a billowing cloud of anger and hatred. Next, my things, followed by me were physically and forcefully ejected from my partner’s parents’ house two days after Christmas, him claiming to have had the worst Christmas ever, having realized that we are “incompatible”, and he had decided to leave me. Surely, this admission should have been made sooner?

I am swinging between desperationseemingly unending tears, pain at the loss of an otherwise loving relationship, and reason, because we are still in touch, and we can still be friends, and I am relieved of any responsibility (however misguided) I felt for him or his lifestyle.  And I am trying to trust in a God who can use all things for His good, and has good things in mind for me. Too hard to pray. But I try to trust.

I hope that bad things don’t come in threes. Two days after my graduation, my mother announced she was leaving my father; two days after Christmas this happens. God – please – nothing more like that in the immediate aftermath of a celebration – please…..

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