Behind the mask

As I’ve probably said before, as far as jobs go, my career has been a series of well-timed coincidences. From my PhD, which “chanced” on the moderation of an external examiner, to my most recent job, which was the result of first-choice candidate dropping out at the last minute.

Having been in this situation twice before, I should be very ready for God’s timing at this juncture, too. I have five weeks left of my current contract. I’ve made tens of job applications and have had five unsuccessful interviews.  Everyone who asks me how things are going job-hunt-wise gets the above story.

But inside I’m down, and angry, and panicking. Five weeks really isn’t that long at all, and spending all day at home from then on, really isn’t an option given current state of depression. I want God to hurry up and let me know what’s happening. Please.

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