Easy to Follow

Amidst all the stressage and anger and rejection, and not knowing which way to look, someone shared a poem with me this week. It’s pasted below, because I think it’s worthy of further sharing:


Not a new point, but one made quite wittily by Jude Simpson, herself a Christian. Why is Jesus so hard to find, and even harder to follow? Why isn’t there an app. that can tell us what our choices are,  and flag the one that Jesus would most like us to make at every juncture? Why is the Bible so multi-layered, complicated, and contradictory – why wasn’t Jesus a “straight-talker”?

And of course, knowing God, the “clutter” and allegory , and everything else in the Bible were deliberate. So Jesus made Himself deliberately hard to follow? Maybe then, as Jude puts it, it’s not about how easy God is to understand. It’s about how much of our “precious time” and thinking power we’ll give back to God. …

Quick fixes and catch-all statements of faith appeal to me. Life is busy. But when it comes down to it, they’re not enough. It is hard to discern what Jesus means when He says to me “follow me”. But it’s important to find out.

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