Good Thursday

I have been meaning to type this post for a while, to help me remember that things can go right,  that I can face challenges and overcome them, and that I am good at what I do.

So here goes. A couple of Thursdays ago, I actually did a proper, full day’s work. I spent the morning on data entry, and finished it. Two thousand and eighty plus Time  2 questionnaires accounted for, and coded.  Cue dance of joy around the office.

Set up a GoogleChat time in the afternoon for my partner to talk me through a Matlab code he’d written while I tried to input it and make it *work*.  Two hours of de-bugging and “what’s it saying now?” later, and the data from one school is processed ready for SPSS (read: nightmare statistics package, only used by those with no better sense than to be quantitative social scientists). The data is officially in.

Five pm. But if I don’t get that review written, then I won’t have time before I said I’d get it back to get it done. So I set to it. I read the paper. I write the review. I feel competent. I read line manager’s review. Mine is five times its length.  But it’s done 🙂

And later I find out that my manager really liked my thorough review, and used it as the basis of the return review, with minor changes. I can work. In God’s strength.

All I need to do now, is remember to trust in God when things don’t go to plan, as well as when they do. Hmmm. OK.

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