Friendly Advice

I hate the attitude that some Christians seem to have, that Christians should be an insular community that speaks, interacts, and socializes only with other Christians. The attitude that is lampooned on the image that I’m posting with this entry. There are several reasons why I hate this attitude, and I want to spell them out, because the attitude that Christians shouldn’t go near ‘non-Christians makes me feel very sad and angry. So, this is what I’d like to say (but wouldn’t dare) to anyone who holds that attitude –

1) Nobody was born Christian. Someone lovingly told every Christian about God – how on earth are Christians supposed to reach out to ‘non-Christians’, as they were reached out to themselves, if they are discouraged from talking to them?

2) God told us to “go out into the world, to make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew, 28). He told us to talk to ‘non-Christians. And sometimes that means forming relationships with them, to help them towards Christ.

3) How do you know how close someone is to God inwardly, from what they express outwardly? Do you have a right to judge who is and isn’t ‘Christian’? Because to decide not to go near non-Christians, you have to make that judgement.

4) Non-Christians might move you away from Christ? They’re the devil, trying to persuade you you don’t need God? My faith is worth nothing, if, in the face of someone suggesting that it is faulty, I cannot re-examine that faith, in light of any new information, deal with that information, and still hold tight to that faith. In other words, if I am surrounding myself with Christians, simply to affirm my faith, whilst willfully ignoring what others have to say, my ability to defend my faith is necessarily weaker.

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