Sometimes, you have to be a little bit naughty

Matilda1One of the first books I read to myself was Roald Dahl’s Matilda. I loved the book, not only because Matilda was brainy and cool (which I longed to be) but because she could make things move, like magic, with her eyes. And I could do that, too. Kind of. I would spend ages, staring at the fingers of my right hand, willing them to move. And sometimes – when, aged seven,  I’d spent long enough staring and willing, with my palm flat (or near-flat) on a table one of my fingers would raise itself – like magic :-).

I was utterly enthralled by Matilda – A Musical too (as I may have mentioned before – many apologies). My favourite bit of this wasn’t the magic object-moving (with Matilda’ help I’ve gotten better at moving my fingers by staring at them)  – it was a song called ‘Naughty’ (words are here). At the moment, it’s sung here by Adrianna Bertola.

I love the sentiment the song expresses – that your path is not set in stone for you by others (God excepted), and that you have the power to change it – if you want to – however little you may be. It also advocates that, in order to do this, sometimes you have to be a little bit ‘naughty’. I don’t think this applies to me per se – but I am guilty of letting people walk all over me, make decisions for me, and then hating them for doing it. So maybe I need to be a little more – assertive? selfish? Something along those lines.

I find being more selfish hard to reconcile with a God-following lifestyle. But then again, the anger and blunt hate generated from shy selflessness can’t be very Godly… thoughts welcome.

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