You’ll not be surprised to learn that yet again, I am grappling with a faith-related issue. I’ve enjoyed quite a lot of ‘art’ of late. I went to see Chess a little while ago, and went to see the Christmas lights being switched on last week. Lights will keep the shopping streets pretty over the coming months, and there was a free firework display then, too.

None of this was needed. I have a passion for musical theatre, but I don’t need it to survive, anymore than I need to watch fireworks, much as I love to do so. Is it okay to spend time and money (more so, money) on things that one doesn’t need? Wouldn’t it be spent in a more Godly fashion elsewhere?

But then, what of the people whose talent is art? Is it not Godly for them to use the talents that they have been given/ How could they do that if there was no art? And wouldn’t it be un-Godly to let them be no longer able to work because the money that would otherwise pay them is being used to help people survive?

I know that we must be thankful to God (read: must express heartfelt genuine thanks to God) for every blessing that He bestows. But sometimes there is a choice involved in receiving the blessing: where then is the balance between extravagance and godliness? How should money be best spent?

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