Damaging Minds

So I suffer from depression now and again. So what? Five percent of the UK population do, at any one time, too. So – my partner reckons that religion, belief in God is the root cause of all my psychological difficulties. I do not. I think that the sense of belongingness and feeling wanted that I’ve had in church groups has been really wonderful, and having faith that God is there – well –  without that, I probably wouldn’t be writing this at all.

Further than that, my partner believes that the work I do with children is damaging them (he puts it more strongly than this). That to encourage a belief in them in the supernatural (which children are given to anyway) is something they’ll find it very difficult to ‘recover’ from in later life.

I enrolled seven Brownies yesterday. I asked them to promise that they would do their best to love their God. I am trying to prepare a piece for the girls to perform at a Church Parade service in a few weeks’ time. My partner classifies this as evil.

In times of faith I disagree with my partner. God is there, and the children should learn of Him. At other times I feel evil and horrid, and wonder whether I am doing the right thing. I never challenge the children’s conceptions of ‘God’. I need to learn to know God, “like a little child”, so why should I? I try to encourage them to express what they think of Him, and reinforce it. Is that wrong? Damaging?

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